Esthetic Student Providers



I’ve always had a passion for skin care and helping others!  I want to be able to help people find their inner beauty.



I am interested in esthetics because I believe in overall wellbeing of the body – and taking care of your skin is a very important part of that!  I also enjoy helping people feel good and stress free!




I am so lucky to find a career path that I absolutely love!  I feel that a facial helps to show people that touch shows love and care.  I love that a facial can help women feel empowered and help to increase self-esteem.  When we look better on the outside, we can feel better on the inside!







I am passionate about helping my clients relax and feel more comfortable about their skin.  I want my clients to be able to leave their cares at the door and leave feeling better than ever!






Hi – My name is Mryaim!  I’m 20 years old and have a passion for skin care!  I find my career very rewarding because I get to work with people to help them relax, and to help them feel great not only on the inside, but also the outside!  The most enjoyable part of my work is having my clients leave with beautiful, healthy, glowing skin!





I absolutely love skin care!  I plan on moving forward to receive my Master Esthetics license.  My goal is to become a Medical Esthetician and to work in a dermatology spa.  I love caring for and treating clients to the best of my ability.




Tonya-cropped Tonya

As a former United States Sailor, I have travelled to many different countries where one thing was always the same for both men and women – we all wanted to look and feel our best.  I’ve chosen to come into the field of esthetics to help people achieve that goal as well as experience total relaxation.

As a beauty expert, my goal is to help you relax, feel your best, and walk out with improved confidence and ability to care for your skin.

Thank you for choosing me as your esthetician today!