Sha’ahn Williams

Master Esthetician

Esthetics Team Lead

Areas of Expertise: Anti-aging, Hyper-pigmentation, Electronic Modality skincare treatments, Skincare health education

“Being an esthetician satisfies the desire in me to help people. Not only is our skin our body’s first line of defense against sun damage, pollution and other health-threatening enemies, but our skin is the first thing people see. When our skin is damaged, and unhealthy looking, it can work against our self confidence and self-esteem. Working with clients to improve their skin, educating them about their skin type and assisting them with perfecting their skincare routine is my passion! In my practice, I have helped women take years off their faces, and cleared the skin of those suffering the effects of acne, to include scarring and pitting. The changes in personality can sometimes be astounding. I absolutely love skin and I love what I do!”

Personal Philosophy:  “The key to healthy, glowing skin is consistency with your skincare routine. There is no miracle product, just good old fashioned consistency. And sunscreen. Always wear sunscreen.”



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